Healthy Darlington

Further to our rebrand of the Dolphin Centre gym for Darlington Borough Council, Ambient Creative were asked to create a device for the overarching Healthy Darlington brand.

The Healthy Darlington brand has 3 sub brands comprising the government Change4Life programme’s ‘eat well’, ‘move more’, ‘live longer’. These are accommodated using the C4L bespoke fonts. The purple and silver colour palette was adopted in order to unify the various council health activities.


Healthy-Darlo-brandguide Healthy-Darlo-flags Healthy-Darlo-summer-adHealthy-Darlo-A5-1Healthy-Darlo-A5-2 Healthy-Darlo-swimboards


Healthy Darlington launched in October 2014 and again required a designer that could demonstrate real creativity and respond within a strict timescale. Similarly to the gym project, the Healthy Darlington range of literature and collateral was significant. The brand design translated very professionally across all literature and material and is already well-recognised and valued.

Lisa Soderman
Business Development Manager, Leisure & Cultural Services
The Dolphin Centre, Darlington Borough Council