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Darlington College

Darlington College selected Ambient Creative as the preferred supplier to design and manage the majority of the college’s suite of marketing materials, which were produced as part of an annual cycle of publications aimed at post-16 learners, part-time students and businesses.

Darlington College ProspectusDarlington-College-ProspectusDarlington-College-ProspectusDarlington-College-leafletsDarlington-CollegeDarlington-CollegeDarlington-CollegeDarlington-CollegeDarlington-CollegeDarlington-CollegeDarlington-CollegeDarlington-College

Ambient Creative’s designs consistently met the project criteria, producing complex marketing materials which appealed to several target market sectors, from 14-16 year olds to adult learners and local business partners.

The College’s desire to be perceived as an accessible, vocational education provider which offered all learners a positive learning experience was the central premise for the design. The College’s policy of Equality and Diversity meant that materials had to meet DDA guidelines and where appropriate be translated into other languages.

Ambient Creative’s cooperative style, flexibility with deadlines and professional guidance have been major contributors to the success of the College’s publications.

Chris McIntyre, former Marketing Manager, Darlington College